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"Software is eating the world. No-code is eating software." -- Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt We live in a world where it is getting increasingly easier to build a product from an idea without learning how to code. Nocode is no longer just a utopian idea in 2019 but with the rise of modern tools like AirTable, Webflow, Zapier etc, the disruption is already happening. Nocode has opened the gates for an entire class of non-technical makers and founders who were previously limited by NOT having a software programming background. The world will be a radically better place when people's ideas can be unchained from the "code barriers" allowing them to build and share simple apps that solve real problems. The world is about to be fundamentally changed in a remarkable way by the nocode makers within the next decade and we can't wait to be part of that revolution. Nocode Hub's goal is to be a community-driven showcase for the nocode projects and a home for the latest maker stories from around the world. We hope to celebrate the technical and non-technical makers, developers, product designers, designers and open-source enthusiasts who are part of the community. The site's access is FREE and open to everyone who are interested in discovering the range of projects being built without code. If you are a maker, please submit your project/app here so others can be inspired by what you create. ‍

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